Airbnb Container Homes (Pods)


The AirBnB Container Homes project was a welcome chance to demonstrate our practical and proactive approach to different builds. Uniquely, the journey for this pod project began in Christchurch, where they were fully constructed offsite, right up until the finished paint fittings. They then were trucked down to Queenstown in 2 pieces and craned onto the site. Two containers on the bottom, with two containers over.

By doing this, the installation process was accomplished quickly and helped minimise disruption to other dwellings on the property. As an AirBnB, this diminished potential revenue loss, by having construction works in the area for an extended period of time. We’re planning to replicate this process soon, as the unique aesthetic of this container pod is going to be duplicated in further developments on this property.

It’s our heart at Lightning, to provide you with the very best outcome that brings your vision to life.