Hidden Hills Lockwood “PAVILION”


Our work with the Hidden Hills Lockwood project was made all the more rewarding by various challenges in the environment, and our client’s distance across the ditch. As a two-dwelling build on a sloping piece of land, both homes had to be designed uniquely to connect them to their landscape and remain functional. We focused our energy in making sure both were well-immersed in the kānuka forest, nestled into the hill and overlooking spectacular views.

It’s always more challenging when our clients aren’t in person to watch the journey first hand. However, we always keep up regular conversation and are thrilled with their response, such as with this client, when they finally see it in person. As a bonus, by living in the smaller dwelling first and then moving to the bigger pavilion, these clients had the chance to experience the features that made each one well-tailored and carefully planned. A welcome proof that the distance doesn’t discriminate on quality.

It’s our heart at Lightning, to provide you with the very best outcome that brings your vision to life.