Hillside Home


Extravagant and expansive, this 380m2+ Hillside home is the epitome of luxury and a labour of love. Climbing 3 stories high, with 5 levels, it boasts multiple bedrooms plus an apartment. It’s one of the biggest projects we’ve embarked on, and being a hill build with limited accessibility, took a lot of technical skill. Juggling the challenges of earthworks, substructures and mitigating excavation was required to help nestle the home seamlessly into the hill.

But this exterior was well-matched with a thoughtful interior aesthetic. Simple but purposeful decisions, such as elevating the dining room above the living space while keeping them connected, help create a grand but also flowing space. This is important to us at Lightning, making sure excellence is exhibited in all aspects of the homes we build, in both the big and small details.

It’s our heart at Lightning, to provide you with the very best outcome that brings your vision to life.